Don't Get Tagged!

Here's how I learned about being tagged. I had just seen a mom from my son's school at a little league game. This was the first time I had seen her in months. She had a new puppy with her. 
Ironically a couple of hours later I received an email from her (or I thought it was from her). The subject line was that my friend (it used her full name) sent me photos. I thought she had sent me pictures of the new puppy. After I opened the email, it read that if I want to see the photos, I 
need to fill out a form and submit it. It seemed like another "social networking" website. I chose not to take any action. 

I called my friend to ask her about it and she explained that she had been getting calls and emails from lots of people asking her about what she had sent (which she really had not sent). Even people who she didn't know were getting the email because of email distribution lists she's on. It's been a mess for her. I was lucky. For those people who did take action, even clicking "no" that they don't want to see the photos, got their email address book "tagged" where all the contacts in their address book received an email similar to the one I got; "so and so sent you 
photos." That's what happened to my client. She clicked "no." 

The reason for my newsletter is to make you aware of this. It has wreaked havoc on 
many people and has become quite time consuming for those affected to straighten it 
out. They are spending a lot of time apologizing. They are now contacting all of their 
contacts to tell them that the "tagged" email did not come from them and they need to 
ignore it. 

If something similar shows up in your email inbox, either delete it, report it as spam or 
contact the person it came from and ask them about it. 

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Posted on June 4, 2014 and filed under Articles.