It's About Time!

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You have the same twenty-four hour day as everyone else. The challenge is making the most of that time—being able to accomplish your goals while also making time for yourself and those you love. In order to do this, you must first accept that you cannot manage time; you can adjust and be flexible. 

Written in an A-to-Z format with the busy reader in mind, this guidebook seeks to help you reduce stress and boost productivity. Each chapter stands on its own, allowing you to hone in on the things that are most important to you. For instance, chapter J focuses on jump-starting your day; chapter M helps you avoid maxed-out schedules; chapter S encourages you to slow Mitzi Weinman is the founder of down and stop; and chapter W helps TimeFinder, which offers practical you change your approach to waiting. 

Every chapter concludes with next steps to keep you moving forward. You can turn the chaos in your life into calm and be more organized by taking action and focusing on controlling what you can truly approaches to personal productivity.

It's About Time Book Launch at The New England Mobile Book Fair