Healthy Habits for Busy People

Explore the mindset and good health and self-care with strategies of successfully integrating habits of good health into your busy day!

Escape Your Time Traps:  TimeFinder's Productivity Toolbox!

There are six practical techniques in TimeFinder's Productivity Tool Box to improve productivity, time effectiveness, and reduce stress.

Delegating:  An Art in Giving, Receiving and Leveraging Time

Leverage work and improve team accountability and communication using strategies to delegate in a more "thoughtful" manner and with greater confidence, which mayinclude sideways (peer-to-peer) delegation while reducing upward delegation. 

Go For It!  Getting to your Goal!

Move  your  goal from idea  into tangible actions and achieve results using a simple step-by-step approach!

From Perception to Reality – Organize for Success!

Project an organized image in common business settings and distinguish yourself and your company from others

Decaf Living: Find Time for You!

Live a life that is less chaotic and harried with a six step process to help you define your "Decaf Life" and develop an action plan to achieve results.

Effective Meeting Management

Be an effective meeting leader or participant by keeping meetings on track, focused and productive.

Successful Client Management

Position yourself as the professional and expert who stands apart from others so you can surpass expectations, take charge of relationships and avoid being managed by clients.

“You Have Mail!”:  Email Etiquette

 Develop workable guidelines for sending and receiving email


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