Dress for Success Boston Needs Clothing

Dress for Success provides interview appropriate suits and accessories for disadvantaged women who are entering or re-entering the job market. Dress for Success works with a diverse population of women who come from many different backgrounds. However, they all share one important quality in common: they all are highly motivated to change their lives for the better and Dress for Success exists to assist them in doing so.

Dress for Success doesn't stop there. Dress for Success offers ongoing support after a woman finds a job through their Professional Women's Group (PWG). TimeFinder's program, "From Perception to Reality--Organize for Success!" was extremely well received by PWG attendees.

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Formulas for Time Success!

Keep It Simple!

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." ~Confucius

1. Breaking down a specific task into small doable actions + blocking out a specific time to do it = Accomplishing the task

2. Taking papers spread out on a desk + putting them in piles + reviewing one item at a time = Decreasing the amount of desk clutter

3. Weighing options + determining a next step action = Reducing anxiety and overwhelm

4. Finding a practical, convenient place to put things + being consistent in putting them away = Saving time looking for things and reducing aggravation

5. Preparing what you need for a meeting + leaving enough time to get there = Having a clear head, less stress and more focus

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Your "Speak" Can Affect Productivity

Do you speak a foreign language? I'm not talking about Spanish or French or Chinese. I am talking about the language of your company and your work. Or as it is called in the 21st century, "speak." Most companies have their own jargon--language filled with acronyms and abbreviations.

When "speak" becomes part of everyday conversation, it is easy to forget not everyone, including clients, customers and associates understands the language.

Not only does this apply to jargon and terminology but also to procedures and processes. Processes that are second nature because you've been doing them routinely, may be unfamiliar to someone else working with you.

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Something Tangible & Sentimental Journey

Something Tangible

This summer I spoke at the Massachusetts Teachers Association Summer Conference. During my program on Blending and Balancing Your Professional and Personal Lives, one of the teachers was looking for help on eliminating a time & energy drain. Our dialogue went something like this:

Teacher: Mitzi, you suggest eliminating time and energy drains so that we can have more time and energy to spend in areas of our life that we want to. I have something that is draining me.

Mitzi: What is it?

Teacher: Worrying.

Mitzi: Worrying? Is there something specific that you are worrying about?

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Sticking to the Plan & Leaving Work "On Time"

Sticking to a plan

Dear Mitzi,

One of my most difficult challenges is sticking with my plan for the day. I seem to start with something, walk by something else and get involved in a job (that will take five minutes) and do that job and then forget what I was doing before and then get pulled into something else. Any advice? Pat

Dear Pat,

It's easy to get distracted, even if you have your day planned. Stops and start while working on one thing are "time-costly". According to research done five years ago by psychologists at the University of Michigan, "The 'time cost' of refocusing your attention may be only a few seconds with each switch, but over time, it reduced people's total efficiency by 20% to 40%."

Try working in small chunks of time and plan your activities accordingly.

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Wishing Away Time -- Seize the Moment & Be In It

Seize the Moment and Be In It

When I was sitting in the lobby of a law firm in late September waiting for a client to bring me to her office for our appointment, I overheard two members of the firm talking to each other. One said to the other, "If I can just get through the holidays, then..." I thought, wow, the holidays are 3 months away.

I replayed that phrase, over and over again in my head, "If I can just get through"...and started thinking about how often I've said the very same thing and have heard so many other people say it as well. Whether talking about a special event, holidays, a work project or even the seasons (can't wait until winter is over) etc. that phrase seems prevalent.

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Seven "C's" To Achievement

Over the years, I have found that there are so many extraordinary words that begin with the letter "C". It's not that other letters don't have amazing words, but using words beginning with the letter "C", as a guide to action, can open the door to making positive changes both professionally and personally.


We all have the ability to make choices. Recognize that you have choices instead of allowing someone else to make them for you.

For example, if you have a constant influx of phone calls and interruptions from clients, managers or associates who need something from you "right now", you can choose how you respond.

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The Comfort of Routine

This morning I watched my son, as I do every morning, enter his kindergarten classroom. I wait by the window because he always comes over and waves good bye. It is our way, our ritual. However, this morning I observed him more closely.

His teacher established a routine for all the children to follow. First they turn in their communications folders, then put their snacks in their cubby and then hang up their backpacks and jackets. This is just one part of my son's ritual and routine-filled day. For children, there is a sense of comfort and safety knowing what to expect on a daily basis.

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Perfectionist vs Procrastinator

Mitzi Weinman

Do you think you're a perfectionist? Do you need everything just right or the "perfect" amount of time before you will start a project? You may think you're a perfectionist but chances are you are a procrastinator parading around in perfectionists' clothing.

Can't get an hour to exercise, so you choose not to exercise at all. Isn't 20 minutes better than zero minutes?

Don't want to start that long involved, tedious project because you need 4 hours and there's just no way to get 4 hours. So instead of taking a few minutes to ask youself, what is the very first small step I can take to just begin, you put it off for that ideal day when you will have the ideal 4 hours. And when will that be?

Here are a few ideas that may help you put off procrastinating:

1. Identify the reason(s) you aren't moving forward.

2. Ask yourself if the reason(s) are really compelling. Be honest.

3. Determine the very next, ittiest bittiiest action you could take to progress.

Once you determine your obstacles and their vailidity, it's much easier to decide if you will move forward or not. If you choose, and the key is "choice" not to go ahead, then either let it go by moving on or decide when a better time would be to revisit what you've decided not to do.

When you make a decision, you take control back, even if it's taking control back from yourself. A thoughtful choice is, indeed, not procrastination, but a perfect way to resolution.

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