Self-Checkout and the Cell Phone

The other day, in the self-checkout line of the grocery store, the person in front of me was all set to pay and be done.  However, the cell phone attached to her ear was causing this "finish and pay" transaction to go on and on and on.  The shopper was paying more attention to the phone call (of course) than to the money she was trying to insert into the various available slots.  The line behind me was getting longer and I could feel my patience drifting away.  Do I think that she cared about her lack of efficiency or lack of manners?  No, not really.  But I do wish she was more aware of how are actions and their affect those around yes.  Absolutely!

Was this an isolated incident?  Unfortunately, no!  How I wish that we were all more aware of our actions and how they impact those around us.  Don’t you? 

Also, as in this instance, multi-tasking (and research has proven it) reduces our productivity and efficiency.  You know, from experiences and I know from mine that this is so. 

Multi-tasking is overrated while being mindful of others is not!

Posted on January 17, 2011 and filed under The Real World.