Recess, Naps and Time Out: Not Just For Kids Part II: Naps!

Sleep researcher James B. Maas coined the phrase “power nap” for the 20-minute workday snooze that invariably leaves nappers refreshed and more productive.  Taking a power nap can restore alertness and memory and relieve stress and fatigue according to the National Sleep Foundation.

  • Bring a mat to work
  • If you have an office, turn out the lights and close the door
  • If you work in a cube, find some privacy.  If necessary, use your car.
  • Talk to an appropriate person at work to discuss the benefits of napping.
  • Only nap for 15-20 minutes – any longer will negate the purpose for the power nap by making you sluggish and groggy.
Posted on May 10, 2011 and filed under Personal Productivity.