Stand Out!

Stand Out!

Position yourself or your company to stand out. Here's a simple, yet effective, time tip that can help you stand out from others. 

Just On Time!

The holidays are just around the corner.  It's About Time! would be a great holiday gift for friends,family and business associates. Here's the link to Amazon to place your order.

It's About Time! has received a five star nod of approval from Clarion Review and another great review from Kirkus Review.  Kirkus called

It's About Time! a book with "concepts relevant enough to be applied to any lifestyle that requires scheduling, task lists and goal setting."


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Since the beginning of September, I've had many opportunities to be interviewed on radio stations across the country including WCCO-Minneapolis, WEOL - Cleveland, nationally syndicated "Something You Should Know" with Mike Carruthers and more.  You can hear many of the interviews on my website's media page

Posted on November 18, 2014 .