Back To School 2014 Special Edition (Video): Organizing Tips for School Artwork, Papers & Vacation Photos

As my family and I were driving back from our camping vacation in Maine late last week, the leaves were changing color and the air cool and crisp. Even in August, I could feelAutumn. And with the coming of the fall season, school begins in the U.S.

This special edition of OnTime is a video interview with a wonderful mom , Kimberly Campbell, who has conquered the onslaught of her children's school work.  She has a system for sorting through and doing something special with these treasures.   

Even if you don't have children returning to school, she shares great ideas on what to do with vacation photos and more.  

Our "official" September issue of OnTime, entitled, "Is September the New January?" will be emailed later this week.  

In my last edition of OnTime, I announced the release of my book, It's About Time! It is available on Amazon. My official book launch will be on Thursday, September 18 at 7:00 p.m. at the New England Mobile Book Fair in Newton, MA.  I'll be reading from It's About Time! and signing books. Refreshments will also be served!  Please join me for this special event at 82 Needham St, Newton Highlands, MA.

As I wrote It's About Time! I kept in mind that I was writing a book for people with little time to read it. It's About Time! is packed with useful and life changing tips and strategies offering a fresh approach, A to Z, for everyone  -  time-stressed or not.

Here's the link!

Watch this short video and to learn some:  Organizing Tips for School Artwork, Papers & Vacation Photos

One Final Time Thought!  

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

Pablo Picasso


Posted on September 3, 2014 .