"Spring" Into Action!

Formula for Getting Organized:  

Process = Progress!

Is a daily, weekly,  monthly or quarterly cleanup part of your routine? Do you spend many late nights or weekends going through a piles of paper? If you don't want to spend your valuable off-hours getting organized, here are some tips to start the process.

Begin by streamlining and simplifying. By combining the cleanup of surface clutter (instant gratification) along with the file drawers (critical long-term success) you will start to see progress.

  • Establish  criteria for throwing paper away.

    •   Do I really need this? Will I ever look at it again... Really?

    •   Can I get it from another source (Internet, library, other pack rats)?

    •   Does it really require a response?

    •   Will keeping this help me accomplish my goals or further my career? Will that help my customers/clients?

  • Schedule small blocks of time -- take one pile from your desk and go through it--then stop. Next time, clean out a portion of your file drawer.  When you're done, schedule another cleanup.

  • Commit to the process.

  • Be consistent.

If you get impatient because it's not done and it's taking longer than you wanted, remember this is a process. It took a long time for the files to bulge and paper to build up.  Remind yourself of opportunities you missed because of lost or misplaced information.  An organized office is a luxury, it's a necessity. Time lost because of clutter is costly.

Posted on March 23, 2015 and filed under Clutter, Personal Productivity.