I really cannot say enough about my experience and how much Mitzi helped me tackle an area in which I always wanted to excel, but did not know where to begin.   When I first met Mitzi, I dreaded the thought of public speaking and knowing that I needed to overcome my fears, I engaged Mitzi.   Mitzi is a detailed, caring, professional who really cares.  She looks at the whole presentation including the script and slides, helping focus the message as well as the actual delivery.  During our time together Mitzi always challenged me with a supportive and constructive approach.  Mitzi has been an incredible resource helping me prepare for numerous presentations.  Through her coaching, training, and honest feedback, Mitzi has helped me not only prepare, but actually enjoy the experience of speaking in public.  I would recommend working with Mitzi to anyone who fears speaking in public or has an upcoming talk, presentation or speech.

Margaret T. Burke, MBA, Executive Director, Pabian & Russell


Mitzi is one of those very special people who when they enter your life they leave a very positive footprint that can never be erased or forgotten!

Mitzi is a very sincere, honest, and knowledgeable person and an excellent professional.

I hired Mitzi as a speech coach, but as I worked with her, I realized that she is much more than a speech Coach. She is extremely detail-oriented. When a slide was out of place she would point it out to me. She looked at the order of the slides and organized them in a way that the message had continuity. She would notice the slightest little nuances and would pick up on them right away.

Not only I was amazed by Mitzi’s level of professionalism but also at how much she cared about me as a client and all the great advice she gave me.

I strongly recommend Mitzi to anybody who needs her services and I would hire her again and would recommend her to all my clients with no doubt in my mind!

Roya Kravetz, PCC,BCC,CMC


Professional & Board Certified Coach                                

ADHD Family Coach & Consultant

San Diego Center for Coaching


Thank you so much for your help in preparing for my presentation.  When we first met, I was still not able to succinctly present the information I wished too, nor was I ready to present in an effective way.  Spending a couple of hours with you produced dramatic results and boosted my confidence in ways that would not have occurred if I hadn’t worked with you. 

I loved that you were able to hear my fumbling words and steer the message to be clear & concise.  You even took the jargon out of it and put in everyday language teasing the message I wanted to convey out of me and onto paper.  What a great gift you have!  

Onto the presentation piece your knowledge of the stage really helped me to project my voice, slow down my words and let my passion shine through ultimately making the presentation ABOUT MY COMPANY in a loud and clear & confident voice.  

In the end, the “sell” was made easy because the presentation went so well and I owe you a huge THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge, judgement & skill that made that all possible.   

Lara C.     

 One Savvy Mother

 One Savvy Mother


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