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Mitzi delivers solutions that work

Business Coach:  Leadership, Management, Presentations

Life Coach: Decaf Living, Finding Time for YOU!

TimeFinder takes the complexities of figuring out how to get things done using straightforward approaches to help clients, both personally and professionally develop good habits and techniques to improve productivity, effectiveness focus and reduce stress.  

Our philosophy is simple: When you maximize your most valuable resource - time - you stay focused on your personal and professional priorities; Family, Friends, Community, Work, Health and YOU!

TimeFinder's fresh approach dissolves the myth that you can manage time. Managing time is an impossibility but you can manage yourself and how you approach situations that arise throughout your day. TimeFinder works with you to re-evaluate your approach to work and life and take actions resulting in a positive impact each and every day.

As a speaker, leader, coach and author, Mitzi offers strategies that are simple and straightforward to help build your confidence. To learn more about how Mitzi can work with you, contact her at 781-444-3220 or Mitzi@TimeFinder.net or www.TimeFinder.net.

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